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Reality Tv - Composition

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Through the years television was a main attraction to everyone. Although television had a variety of channels and fascinating shows, it was not enough and the producers looked for something new and special that will get a lot of rating. They searched a lot until someone invented reality T.V.

Reality T.V is a show where the participants are usually random people who get chosen to compete against each other for some prizes. As well as competing there are different features in the show like: eliminating competitors, missions, and creating trouble and a lot of tension.

Reality TV satisfies that instinct of peering into others lives, and the reality of reality television is that as humans we enjoy this.
Reality TV is not much different from normal programs, like any program, reality television has the essentials, it has a mix of characters, it puts those characters in situation, and the result is usually a failure or success. But the catch of reality television is that the characters are real people, the story is not scripted, and with any failure or successes comes emotion.

Reality T.V gets a huge amount of rating. The reason of that is because people enjoy watching the conflicts others have on the show that is caused by the producers usually. One more way to make the audience watch the show is the drama that makes us want to keep on watching the show so we will know what will happen next.

In conclusion, I think that reality has real people in it, but the whole process is fake to make it more seducing and attracting for people all around the world.


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