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Irreducible Complexity

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In America today, people constantly search for answers to life’s biggest questions, but they never seem to know where to look. They grew up going to public schools being taught how the universe came from nothing, how it evolved into what it is now, and the process that human beings went through to get to where we are today. Not once did they consider that maybe a greater being created this universe. Because of the evolutionary teachings, many young people grow up without considering that God might have created them—but if they did, maybe they would have a better idea of where to look for answers to their questions. Recent advances and new discoveries in science have now opened up new discussions that seem to offer support for belief in God. One of these concepts is the argument of irreducible complexity, which, due to technological advancements, has recently become a highly controversial topic. However controversial it may be, the importance of the irreducible complex argument should not be overlooked when arguing for the existence of God.
The teleological argument, or argument from design, begins with a specialized catalogue of properties and end with a conclusion concerning the existence of a designer with the intellectual properties necessary to design the things exhibiting the special properties in question.   The argument of irreducible complexity is more or less a descendant from the teleological argument and is also the backbone in many recent attacks on evolution. This ‘argument from design’ is arguably one of the oldest, dating back to 1802 when William Paley, an eighteenth-century theologian, published his most notable work Natural Theology. This book is the best known explanation of the ‘Argument from Design’, which has always been the most influential argument for the existence of God.   Paley begins his argument by saying, “suppose I had found a watch upon the ground, and it should be inquired how the watch happened to be in that place….”...


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