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The Reason to Have Faith in God

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If Jesus had not existed, what other purpose would have been more proper for our life? Neither. It would be a shift from nowhere to nowhere, purposeless. The aim, the purpose, the goal of any approach (including life itself) can be considered as a series of many such steps, and is what gives a sense to the route. Earthly life is only the eternal waiting room. Her mission is to identify and prepare ourselves for what will follow. We are given to go through a number of attempts. Only at the end find out if, by our deeds, we qualify for eternal life or not. No one returned to us to confirm (or not) these things. But at least there is hope. Take the human hope and you're done, no good for nothing.
Do not tell a man about the eternal life what is waiting for him when he approaches the end of the race. You must do that from the very beginning, so that he can choose. Hope and choice are essential for the morale of any man and so he will be able to design any building, no matter how hard or complicated it will be and the more elaborate will be, the more beautiful we will found it in the end.
It is assumed that there is a finality that deserve reflection. You should know that. Nothing is by chance. Look carefully around you, generally at the people with whom you deal. Very rare opportunity comes along so I can say: this is someone that I think I would like to chat, without fear, for hours, here's someone who understands me and respects me, and I understand and respect it. How wonderful is that there are also people like me not feel so lonely ... Then I can smile to the mockingbird   which tweets at my window.
So, to trust in the will of God, we are glad that we were offered this chance and we try to enjoy it, on how to understand each to do. To be healthy and confident. From a certain age, you feel a budding friendship in someone's soul for a gentle and affectionate as grateful as a cat purring in your ear slowly after you caressed it.
Yesterday I felt sad and...


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