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Money Is Not the Importat Thing in Life

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Money is Not the Most Important Thing in Life

One of the main idea of today’s busy and hectic lifestyle is to get more and more money and posessions, achieve higher goals, while the important aspects in life are often forgotten or less valued.   However, the saying that you cannot buy everything, is not just a nugatory phrase. There are things in life which are a lot more precious than money could ever buy.

Perhaps the modern world enables the material thinking. The constant commercials, for instance, in bus stations, saying “the one who has more things when he/she dies is the winner“, are good ways to brainwash people. That is why crowds rush to supermarkets and malls, when some ’’shopping rally’’ is announced – to buy. By doing that, people start neglecting the valuable immaterial substance.

From the point of view of the individual, money is vital for survival. Western society is structured in such a way that, without money, people are deprived of the possibilities to get proper nutrition, education possibilities and health care.

On the other hand, many people claim that one of the factors in life, which is undoubtedly of greater importance than money health. It is said, health is 'a blessing that money cannot buy'. What is more, money is of little consolation to those who are suffering from health problems. Despite the fact that money can pay for the best medical care available, this is no guarantee for a longer life

In addition, most people would agree that personal happiness easily outweighs money in importance. Even if an individual is extremely rich, this does not necessarily lead to happiness. In some cases, the contrary is true and vast wealth brings with it a whole range of problems and insecurities.

To sum it all up, although there are those who would rank money as the single most important thing in life, most people would disagree. Money, has an important part to play but perhaps the world would be a more harmonious place to live in if...


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