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Comparing Chapter 1 of Great Expectations’, in Which First Meets the Convict, with Chapter 39, When the Convict Returns

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Comparing Chapter 1 of Great expectations’, in which first meets the convict, with Chapter 39, when the convict returns
In this essay, I am going to write about the similarities and differences between Chapter 1 and Chapter 39. This essay will highlight the circumstances of the two characters in the two chapters, the setting of the two chapters, ways the characters are presented, nineteenth century life in general and the message the writer, Charles Dickens is trying to portray to his readers.
The novel starts with the introduction of the main character, Phillip Pirrip, also known as Pip throughout the novel. It is known that he, although the age of seven, has already lost both his parents and five siblings, with only his sister, Mrs Joe as the last living relative. Sympathy is generated for Pip, through knowing he is an orphan at the age of seven.   Pip lives with his sister and her husband Joe Gargery, who is a blacksmith. This would be a low profession job, thus Pip is quiet poor, and does not have much money. Pip leads a simple life, without concerns, and he visits his families’ grave when he can. This shows that he is a quiet lonely boy who does not seem to interact with other children instead day dreams to entertain himself.   Pip is also very well mannered and kind, we know this because he addresses everyone even if they are of a low class like the convict with Sir. When we first meet the convict Pip is at his families’ grave once again. The convict in his desperation grabs Pip and “turned him upside down and emptied his pockets”.   The convict is wearing no hat meaning he has no status. He is also fearful of police and adults, because he is an escaped convict and on the run. This is shown when the convict asks Pip where his mother is, and Pip replies “there sir!” which makes the convict look for cover.
In Chapter 39, when the convict returns, Pip having benefitted from the convicts money is no longer poor but wealthy, living an extravagant life. He lives in...


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