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It is with great sorrow that this paper is written; many hours have been wasted and will never be able to be retrieved, and ultimately, lost.   “Who is the paper for and why do you have to write it?”   A fair question but one that does not have a definite answer, or at least one that makes a decent proposal of sense.   “For the teacher, it’s so he can pass his course, and learn literature right?” Also another question that is indeed, questionable.   This is humor in its own way funny, that a certain group of people will appeal to this and that there is an alternative, as well to this humor which is not appealing to this group but may be appealing to someone else.   Humor is very specific to people in that it is different for everyone and that it can be experienced in many varieties.   This is what is portrayed at the beginning of this paper and in, “The Nature of Humour” by Stephen Leacock.   In his writing Leacock gives several examples of what people consider humorous: “Nay, we have but to consider the cruder forms of humour even among civilized people to realize that the original type still persists.   The laughter of a street urchin at the sight of a fat gentleman slipping on a banana peel, the amusement of a child knocking down ninepins, or demolishing a snowman, the joy of a schoolboy in breaking window-panes---all such cases indicate the principle of original demoniacal amusement at work. . . .”.   He mentions the words ‘cruder forms’ which implies that there are other forms which exist.   These cruder forms that were described here are exciting to one’s mind, picturing them and giggling to themselves enjoying the dangers of such acts.   Does this apply to everyone? Of course not, people wonder all the time why others do such acts and this is because their view of how laughter should be brought about is different from your own.   In two papers “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift and “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll, different ‘forms’ of humor are used by both writers in...


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