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Eva's Death in an Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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I think that all the characters are equally responsible for Eva
Smith’s death. They all made terrible things happen to her.

Mr. Birling is responsible because he turned her out of a job just
because she wanted more money; if he was a better employer he would
have given her a rise. He is also responsible because if he hadn’t
sacked her then she wouldn’t have had to get a job at Croft’s factory.

It is Gerald’s family’s fault because they also sacked her and it is
Gerald’s fault because he had an affair with her. He told Eva he loved
her but then changed his mind and left her heartbroken.

Shelia is responsible because she was jealous of Eva’s good looks and
made the management at Milward’s sack her. Eva’s job at Milward’s was
the only thing she had and after getting sacked she gave up hope and
eventually got evicted because she had no money.

It was Eric’s fault because he had met her in the Palace bar and after
having too much to drink forced her to have sex with him. She got
pregnant and Eric gave her money but she found out that it was stolen
and refused to take any more off him.

So she was made to turn to Brumley’s Women’s Charity. Mrs Birling was
the head of the committee and when Eva Smith went to her and asked for
help she refused because Eva had given her the wrong name at first.
Not only did Mrs Birling refuse to help her but she also persuaded the
rest of the committee to refuse as well. She let Eva Smith down when
she needed help the most and that was what eventually made Eva kill
herself. That is why Mrs Birling is responsible.

No individual made Eva kill herself, but they all did things to her
that when put together made Eva’s life horrible. It was the family as
a group that made her commit suicide so no character is most


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