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I Dont Know

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Hey my name is Tyler Osten Green. I was born in Westminster, Maryland on September 10th, 1994. My parents names are Keith and Amy Green. My mom was 18 years old and my dad was 17 years old when they had me. My mom attended high school at Westminster High and my dad attended Taneytown High. When I was born I lived in Taneytown and that’s where I spent my early years. I played one year of tee-ball in Taneytown and I really enjoyed it. Then my parents had bought an apartment on Lumber Street in Littlestown. As soon as we moved into the apartment I wanted a pet so my parents bought me a parakeet. I thought it was the best pet ever but we never let it fly around the apartment so one day I was bringing my bike into the apartment and the birds cage wasn’t close fully and he broke right out of there and flew right out the door. I tried chasing him but that was impossible because he could fly and I couldn’t. I remember at that moment I wished I was superman so I could fly right after him and catch him but that wasn’t the case. I am pretty sure I cried because I liked him so much. But for the time that I had lived in that apartment I got really into sports and tried almost every sport there was. I played soccer, indoor soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling. Then a couple years later we moved out of that apartment into another one located on Queen Street in Littlestown. Once my family moved into there I wanted another pet because my neighbor had an iguana and they would always let it walk around in the back yard but I was afraid to touch it because I thought it would bite me. So my parents felt bad about my parakeet flying away so they bought me two kittens. I named them Batman and Robin because my favorite television show when I was a kid was Batman and I loved his movies. I remember my kittens would always sleep underneath the kitchen table and I wanted to sleep with them but my parents wouldn’t let me. So I remember when my parents would go to bed I would...


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