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Principio del formulario
Universal Declaration of Animal Rights
Considering that:
Life is one, all living beings having a common origin and having diversified in the course of the evolution of the species .
All living beings possess natural rights, and that any animal with a nervous system has specific rights.
The coexistence of species implies a recognition by the human species of the right of other animal species to live.
The respect of animals by humans is inseparable from the respect of men for each other.
It is hereby proclaimed that:
Article 1
All animals have equal rights to exist within the context of biological equilibrium. This equality of rights does not overshadow the diversity of species and of individuals.
Article 2
All animal life has the right to be respected.
Article 3
1°- Animals must not be subjected to bad treatments or to cruel acts.
2°- If it is necessary to kill an animal, it must be instantaneous, painless and cause no apprehension.
3°- A dead animal must be treated with decency.
Article 4
1°- Wild animals have the right to live and to reproduce in freedom in their own natural environment.
2°- The prolonged deprivation of the freedom of wild animals, hunting and fishing practised as a pastime, as well as any use of wild animals for reasons that are not vital, are contrary to this fundamental right.
Article 5
1°- Any animal which is dependent on man has the right to proper sustenance and care.
2°- It must under no circumstances be abandoned or killed unjustifiably.
3°- All forms of breeding and uses of the animal must respect the physiology and behaviour specific to the species.
4°- Exhibitions, shows and films involving animals must also respect their dignity and must not include any violence whatsoever.
Article 6
1°- Experiments on animals entailing physical or psychological suffering violate the rights of animals.
2°-Replacement methods must be...


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