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Great Britain - Essay 2

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Great Britan has many historic sites such as the Stonehenge, Carlisle castle,Salisbury cathedral, Big Ben, and westminster chapel. These are the five of the most historic sites in Great Britain and all of these places hold there place in history.

    Stonehenge is located in the English country of Wiltshire. When it was built why it was built and who it was built by is a mystery.     But some scientist suggest that it was built thousands of years ago to study the stars or maby as a calender for the sun to see where it is as we rotate it. It has also been said that it was used for a burial ground. This structure is truly unicue and I think that it leaves a little bit of mystery in the back of everybody's mind.

    The Carlisle castle is truly a significant site dating back almost 900 years it has been the sight of many historical events. This castle is the border between England and Scottland. It fought many battles to protect England's border.The most important battles for the city of Carlisle and its castle were during the second Jacobite rising against George II of Great Britain in 1745. Jacobite seized the castle and concored it only later to be recaptured by English forces.

    The Cathedral church of the blessed mother other wise known as Salisbury Cathedralhas a lot of interesting things about it. It is the largest cathedral in Great Britain, the largest tower in Great Britain, The oldest working clock in the world that was built in 1386 A.D., and has one of the four surving copies of the Magna Carta. It started under goin construction in 1220 and they finished in 1320 taking them a grand total of 100 years to build.In 2008, the cathedral celebrated the 750th anniversary of its consecration in 1258. This cathedral is one of the many architectural, and historical beauties of this world.

    Big Ben is the largest four faced chiming clock in the world. On a survey most people said that Big Ben is the most visited sight   in the United Kingdom. After...


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