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Megan Caraccia

Miss Weiss

English IV

6 October 2009

Modern Code of Chivalry

      Chivalry portrays school, home, and work. It becomes evident in members of today’s generation and for me as well. To go brief in the definition, chivalry means trustworthiness and being admirable. There are many ways chivalry can be shown in today’s generation.
      School has The Code of Chivalry because teacher’s form trustworthiness for their students. They expect us students to always do our best and to do our own work. When students produce their finest work they also become admirable by their teacher’s. This forms a circle of trust between teachers and students.
      At home parents have shown me how to produce good manners, loyalty, and courtesy. For example, when I was younger my parents always had the phrase “do onto others as they do onto you.” Good manners were performed in my home as well. For example, table manners. No elbows on the table and having your napkin on your lap during dinner. Courtesy was shown as well. For instance, opening up the door for other people and making guests comfortable in my home by saying “my home is your home.”
      Work also demonstrates chivalry in the same manner. Opening up the door for customers is a good gesture and shows customers how much you thank them for choosing your business. Also not calling in sick for work shows how your manger can depend on you and demonstrates reliability.
      The Modern Code of Chivalry becomes evident in members of my generation. However, my parent’s generation has performed chivalry in a greater extent. I believe that ways back then were a lot stricter in school, work, and family because the generation before mine was even stricter! This shows how chivalry has been used through out the generations.


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