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Common Sense

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Katelynn Ouellette
Analysis of a Primary Document
Question: How did Thomas Paine effectively persuade the American people towards their rightful Independence in his pamphlet, Common Sense?
Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was written in 1776 in an extremely effective way to show the evil wrongs and outcomes of America’s rule under the tyranny of England. Paine executed several reasons targeted towards both England and the people of America for American Independence; including that it was obvious and simply ‘common sense’ that America be a self-governed country without England’s ignorant and distant rule.
Common Sense was sensitively ended with an almost vulnerable approach to a few last points to be made for American Independence. He compares Independence to a task that has been put off and has impaired our country’s quality of living as a whole in utter freedom, democracy and kindness. Most of the American alienated values, such as freedom of religion and the constant support of a representative government, are ideals that have worked and thrived for over two hundred years in American society. He says the “necessity” of Independence may seem difficult or strange to stand for but promises an agreeable familiarity in the future of the United States of America.
Many Americans hungry for a change to better their societies supported Thomas Paine and spread the knowledge and ideas of Common Sense in hopes of achieving full unity to carry out and Independence reform. He had successfully targeted the American public to effectively unite and stand together against England.


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