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What Does It Mean to Be Human

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|What does it Mean to be Human                                                                                                                 |
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The question, “What does it mean to be human?,” has been a pondering thought for many.   Being human is more than living the “American Dream” or having the physical characteristics: a face, a heart, a brain, and a body.   Being a human is the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.   My definition of being human is one who exhibits a sense of humanity, compassion, civilization, and consideration towards mankind.   Reading “’The Bill”, an essay written by Bernard Malamud, and “Mediation XVII”, an essay written by John Donne, gives one a better insight on what it is to be human.

    “The Bill” and “Meditation XVII” display the epitone of humanity and consideration towards mankind.   In “The Bill”, Mr. and Mrs. Panessa displays the qualities of the definition of human.   They were a sweet, kind, caring, loving, and civil old couple trying to make it in life by opening a store.   Mr. Panessa liked to give people chances and thought that a real human will...


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