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Chelsea Schwarz
November 19, 2008
Period 3 English
Compare and Contrast
Sun Also Rises
Brett against Jake
Many stories have beginnings, body and ending. The story The Sun also Rises by Ernest Hemingway gives the reader a chance to take a front row seat of the life of aman named Jake and how he faces his problems and how his mind is clustered with confusion and pain. With one mans outlook of life and how everything is changed after a cold war there is also a woman’s perspective by the name of Lady Brett. These two people look at life completely different. One person has the positive outlook on life and its challenges while the other doesn’t give a damn what happens to them. For Jake his life is just some time to hang out with friends and create another world by using “a deep hot bath to lie back in” (Pg.193). Brett on the other hand can stand up and speak her mind, taking people in and out of her life by her very own will and disposing others like they are trash. To these two lives has taken them different paths that cross over multiple times to only lead to each other’s misery.
To have a positive outlook on life, one person must remain calm, laugh at rude jesters and politely tell someone to leave them alone without any violence involving them. For Brett that is one personality trait she is good at. For instance, When Brett takes the chance to be with Romero and lay inside his room they are rudely interrupted by Robert Cohn who is badly in love with Brett. The reader was then informed of Brett speaking to Cohn as “Gave him what for. She told him off.” (Pg.201) By her small talk with Cohn she was able to send him away in tears. Brett was then seen later on that day with a smile on her face and how she was able to allow the fight to fall over her shoulders and not dwell. Though life gives you ups and downs. To have a positive outlook on life you must be a strong individual and be able to take blow after blow. For Jake that...


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