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Education for Next Generations

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Along with the highly and accelerating development of the whole society, our world becomes so complex and complicated that it's imperative for us to prepare our children to well adapt the society to freely control the destiny of society.   As one of the most effective and productive method, education has played a crucial role in helping children to learn anything presented in society. From the point of my view, education has been a vital means to improve children to shape a more prosperous society in the future even though there are still many defects lies in the education itself.

In the first place, education has provided children with so many basic subjects such as social science, humanities, art and sciences, which can help them to inherit the current accumulation of so many aspects of our society and the method of tackling the various status of things. Children are taught to study the basic knowledge as our antecedent generations do. Mathematics for instance, all children has been taken these lessons since the integrate education system was established for it is a basic requirement to enter the society. At a similar pattern, humanities make children more rational the way of thinking; art can purify their heart and the science can help them to know why the matters are presented in such a way today. In a word, the basic subjects prepare the children with knowledge in a comprehensive way which will meet the requirements of tomorrow.

In the second place, education system does not just limit in the theory inculcating. The modern education is beginning to pay attention to the children's future development, and therefore, the educational institutions have many mechanisms to ameliorate   the practical capability of students in form of having intern period in a company when they are about to graduate.   The teachers in a school are allowed to cooperate with other research institutions or adventures. In this mode of combining manufacturing, school learning and...


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