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Best Tv Show

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Michael Signora
English Comp1
1 March 2010
Best TV Show Ever…..
We all find ourselves rushing home from work, the gym, or from grocery shopping to make sure we get home just in time to catch our favorite shows.   Some of us love talk shows, or reality shows, or even cartoons.   Everyone in the world has different taste when it comes to their favorite show.   Personally I think it is way too hard to just pick one show, but I will tell you the best in each category: comedy, drama, cartoon, and reality.   So stay tuned because I will be right back after this quick commercial break.
Let me begin with reality, simply because that’s the one I watch the least.   If I could pick one show off the top of my head to be my favorite it would have to be some piece of krap on VH1.   Something like Flavor of Love or Rock of Love.   I mean who doesn’t want to see a bunch of crazy chick going nuts over some washed up musician who probably has every major STD in the book.   Quality TV.   Thanks girls.
From crazy doped up chicks to a bunch of wild and crazy fourth graders from a little Colorado town.   The best cartoon ever created is hands down South Park.   The show can sometimes be very rude and inappropriate but at the same time it is genius and top shelf humor.   The show always has a way of topping itself every new season it is on and the most amazing part about it is that each episode is made in only four days.   So that gives the show the edge because it stays current to what’s going on in the world.   And not to mention it is just down right hilarious.
As for comedy I could go with greats like Seinfeld, or Everybody Loves Raymond, or even Two and a Half Men.   But I’m going to go with HBO’s Curb your Enthusiasm.   It is written by Larry David, who also is the star, and also wrote Seinfeld with Jerry Seinfeld.   But this show is like Seinfeld times 100.   Every episode is brilliant.   The way the writers bring every aspect of the episode together in the end is a riot and masterful at...


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