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I agree with Grace Mateo author of “The Anima of Anime Revisited” that anime is one of the most popular things in America. As the author explains anime is animated cartoons that come from Japan. Anime has some very distinct features that if watched a lot of time a person can pick up on. The first is the very distinct look that only anime can do. Another one is some of the subjects of story lines such as ninjas and demons. Most women of anime certain features of their body and personality are highly emphasized.   When I was reading the article I was very surprised to find out that some of the early origins trace back to Walt Disney. Anime is an extremely popular media and will be for a very long time.
One point that she talked about is the story structure of American animation compared to Japanese animation. The American story structure is good guy is clearly good and his arch nemesis is strictly bad. When she says, “Even though Batman is generally viewed as a “darker” her, with more complex psychological issues than Superman, we know he will never kill his enemies.” I agree because in any cartoon the good guy will always just beat them up and leave them for the cops to pick up while the bad guy has issue with trying to kill the good guy. Anime story structure is completely unpredictable because anyone could die at any moment and would matter if their good or bad. Same ideas are usually used repeatedly in western animation like if it’s take over the world usually the bad guy always attempt it the same way. Anime the story can go anywhere and within are little sub categories which is really great. Anime structure is far more complex and better than American animation could possibly be.
Among the many anime that the author refers to, Astro Boy is one of the greatest anime of all time. The story is very complex and one of the best ever. It is about a robot named Astro and his continuous struggle to fit in the world of humans and robots. His creator shaped...


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