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Improving the script:
Idea two:
Scene one:
Start by taking pictures outside a window (either made or imaginary)
Checks time on a watch or the action for a watch.

Its six o’clock where is she, she should be getting ready by now. Perfect: right on time.

Takes pictures.

Scene two:

Starts off by sitting on a table, which is a bed. Shaking backwards and forward, making it look like she’s mental. Then It will go into the third   person speech below.

Do you know the number one cause of stalkers? Forgetfulness. People forget to close their curtains. I remember this one girl who used to walk around totally naked at night: lights on curtains wide open. She used to forget to shut them because her house over looked some woods, no-body out their right? Well their was, a stalker guy: just waiting and watching those bright welcomey windows. He used to think she didn’t shut them because well she wanted him to see, just inviting him into her life. So he started this hole fantasy relationship with her, built out of the little things like when she hung her laundry out he thought it was a love token and offering, so he stole her underwear. Getting more intimate in this love affair in his head…until one night he broke in, but when he met her he met a stranger a scared stranger wanting him out of her house. He, he thought she was playing hard to get, so he strangled her to stop her from screaming to stop her from breathing. Statistically speaking you’re more likely to get killed by someone you know.

Scene three:
Breaking news, its 6 o’clock and I’d standing in Cleobury Mortimer. On the scene of a break in, 27 year old Adrainne Stinton a 25 year old girl strangled Sophie Morgan. There not quite sure of how it happened but forensics are still looking into it. Adrianne Stinton apparently stalked Sophie Morgan, statistics from a variety of witnesses. Find out more tomorrow at 7. That’s me reporting here for channel four news, back to you in the studio.

Scene five:...


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