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How Are the Ycja Consequences?

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How are the Youth Criminal Justice Act Consequences for Young Offenders?

How are the Youth Criminal Justice Act consequences? This may be a question that is never going to be answered. There are many sides, opinions, and views to issues, and this is certainly one of them. One party, usually victims or their relatives, states that it is much too “soft” on offenders, claiming they’re getting off easy. On the other side of the argument, you have that party claiming kids are getting too harsh a sentence over insignificant things. Then, you have people who think everything is already up to par. They think that the consequences on young offenders are neither too harsh, nor too soft. The latter is where I stand in this debate. I believe that, a) new, “fresh” bills are only because politicians want seats in government, b), what we already have has been perfected over many decades of experience and c), there is already the right consequences for the right crimes.

Have you noticed that politicians sometimes cater to minorities groups to win over more seats from them? A great example of that is Ed Stelmach catering to farmers, but leaving everyone else hungy, even though that everyone else is the vast majority. But that is beside the point. This happens especially regarding justice when a politician makes a law for a minority, which is not in the best interest of the majority. A democracy is all about the citizens running the country, and decision-making is by majority or consensus rather than minorities. However, this doesn’t happen very often.

If you committed a crime, would you want the fairest sentence you could get? Experts have been fine-tuning youth offender sentences for decades here in Alberta. Actually, the Juvenile Delinquents Act was passed over a century ago, in 1908. Since then, there has been the Young Offenders Act, passed in 1982, with key points like only children over the age of 12 can get charged, and taking into account that...


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