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The bombing of Hiroshima was very disastrous. It all started in 1905, the German-born scientist known as Albert Einstein had published his theory. The theory said that huge amounts of energy are locked inside atoms.
      Over the next thirty years, scientists in various European countries worked to put Einstein’s theory into practice. They figure that a powerful force holds the nucleus (main part of an atom) of an atom and if they split the atom, the energy would be released. In 1938, scientist in Germany successfully split an atom of the metal uranium, it is known as nuclear fusion. If scientists could split one atom and ensure that the energy released broke up other atoms, it could lead to a chain reaction that would release vast amounts of power.
      By 1938, Einstein, now a refugee living in the U.S., heard about Germany’s plan to harness the destructive power. In August 1939, Einstein wrote a letter to the U.S. president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Einstein explained his theory and urged Roosevelt to set a nuclear research project in the U.S., to beat Germany in a race to nuclear technology.
      On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Two days later, France and Britain declared war against Germany, trying to foil Germany’s plan. On May 7, 1945 Germany surrendered to the Allied forces. By the end of 1944, the nuclear warhead was complete. The first test (the Trinity test) took place on July 10, 1945 at Alamogordo in the New Mexico desert. The test was successful, however, and revealed an awesome power. Everything nearby it was simply pulverized or melted. The observers standing more than six miles away knocked down flat.

      On August 6, 1945, it was a Monday. The day was hot and muddy. Tidal currents flowing upstream in the delta river brought fishy, saltwater smell to Seto Inland Sea. The people of Hiroshima were used to the smell. At 7:09 an air raid siren sounded but there were no planes in the sky. At 7:31 the all-clear signal...


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