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Today, I met my Mexican friend Gabriella and talked about tourism in her city Oaxaca. She lives in this city and she is a hotel manager who has great passion at this work.
I asked her ‘’Why would I go to Oaxaca on my long holiday?’’ and her answers had some good reasons.
There are four main topics which are natural attractions, cultural attractions, indigenous villages and   eco-tourism.   I asked her to focus on natural attractions which I like better than others.
On a nature tourism trip, you   can beaches, natural spas, waterfalls, plant life, caves & caverns, lagoons and dams. Most of the people come to Oaxaca for natural spas. There are lots of natural springs through the entire State of Oaxaca. Their water springs from the soil, and can be sulphurous, thermal, cold, or hot. Some are well known but the others are not so popular because they are inaccessible for now. In fact, some are well known because they are near towns and cities.
Some of the most populars are in the towns of Santiago Laollaga, Isthmus of Tehuantepec Region, and Magdalena Tlacotepec. Another important one has sulphurous water spring which is called "Balneario de Atonaltzin"   in the town of Tamazulapan Villa Del Progeso. They have visitors from all over the world, all year round.
My thoughts about Mexican tourism have changed after this chat because I was defining Mexican tourism only with beaches before. Anyway, ‘’it is a very short information about natural tourism in Oaxaca’’, she said.


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