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African Serengeti

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One of the many animals of the serengeti is the Spotted Hyena. It is called this because of the black spots it has running down its back. Spotted Hyenas are the largest of three hyena species (nationalgeographic). The Hyena is one of the ugliest animals you would ever see, its features are very close to dogs. Although hyenas appear similar to dogs, they are actually more closely related to cats (nationalgeographic). They are also called laughing Hyenas because they have a howl that sounds like they are laughing. Spotted hyenas are quit vocal and make a wide variety of sounds, including the “laughing” that has long been associated with their name (nationalgeographic). Hyenas are always looking scrapes that some other animal left behind. A pack of Hyenas will over power another animals kill and take it for their own. Spotted Hyenas are famed scavengers and often dine on the leftovers of other predators (nationalgeographic). They are usually in clans that may include up to 80 indivduals and are led by females.
One animal of the serengetithat is very beautiful in a strange way is the Zebra. With its stripes it stands out from all other hoofed animals. The zebra loves to graze on grass in the plains. Zebras are fairly sedentary animals, only traveling for feed, water and breeding, or to run from predators. If they have water and feed in the same area, they don’t choose to travel, but prefer to enjoy their local area (spotsnstripes). But it must watch out because it is one if the top picks for predators. The zebra is on the menu for all the cats of the sernegeti. Lions and Hyenas are the usual preadators of the Zebras. The Zebras will fight when they can, but a mother will not usually die for her young (spotsnstripes). Wild zebras migrate every year along with the buffalow. You can usually find both of these animals grazing together. The largest concentration lives in northern Kenya, however, it is estimated that in 2006 there are only approximately 2500 Grevy’s left...


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