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Stephanie Newell
December 11 2008
                                          Reasons to get out of   Debt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      What would you do if you didn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck? You wouldn’t have to worry all the time about having enough money to pay the bills. Imagine being able to wake up one morning and being out of debt.

    If you think about it, if you only had the basic household bills to pay each month how much stress and worry you would not have. Think of your monthly bills, utilities, phones, cable, insurance and that was it. What would you do with all that extra money each month.

    Car, house, and credit card payments are extra in some peoples minds. If you worked out a budget, and your family was willing to work on it together it is possible. In today’s society everyone thinks you need to have debt to get anything good. If you keep doing what your doing you will keep getting what your getting   As Dave Ramsey says on his radio talk show ,“today people think debt is normal you don’t want to be normal”.

    If you had a emergency fund in the bank then you would have money to cover bills if you lost your job. What would you do if you got sick for a long time and could not work. If your house or auto insurance didn’t cover all of the cost of   an accident you would   not have to either wait to get it fixed or use money for the basic bills and get behind on them.

    Being able to save for the future   is what most people want to do.
If you got all of the extra bills gone you would have money to save for retirement, or your kids college. You could take a vacation when you wanted to and not have to worry about how to pay for it. This savings could also be used to buy a house.



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