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In the book night Elie Wiesel lost and gained his faith many times. He is a survivor of the Holocaust who witnessed more than we can ever imagine. He went from a boy who cried when he prayed to not knowing his faith in God. He said the reason for crying was “I wept for something inside me gave me the need for tears.” He moves from camp to camp slowly losing his belief and wondering where is God now?
One of the first incidents that made him question God’s presence was when he first arrived at Auschwitz. Elie is directed to the left and a prisoner tells them they’re going to the crematory. Elie’s father recites the Kaddish, jewish prayer, and revolt rises in Elie. “Why should I bless his name, The Eternal, Lord of the universe, the all powerful and terrible, is silent. What had I to thank him for?
Another example is when Pipel, a child was hung in front of the camp. He was the Oberkapo’s servant. He was the leader of the fifty-second unit. Even though pipels were hated he still had the face of a sad angel. Two other men were hung by his side. The adults died instantly but the pipel was too light. “He was still alive when I passed in front of him. His tongue still red, and eyes were not glazed.” “Behind me a man asked where is god”? “Where is he, he is right there among the gallows.”


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