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Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Sheila Oliver
7th per.
Cinema Studies

Raider of the Lost Ark Movie Review

Indiana Jones has everything needed in a good action film. This incldes suspense, danger, and fighting. These three elements descrbe an action film. Nothing fits this more than Raiders of the Lost Ark. This movie is a classic and had some of the best graphics from the time the film was made. This film had many good points and bad points and the focus should be on both. This review will include both points, but the focus will be more on the good points.
First, an action movie should include suspense. The movie is too, predictable without suspense. A person wants to be left guessing what will happen in order to feel that the movie was exciting. For example, when Indiana (Harrison Ford) went into the temple and found the golden idol, he tried to weigh the idol with sand. The feeling of not knowing if Indiana would measure the sand right kept the watcher on edge.On the other hand, there was the scene in the market place with the back swordman. When the swordman showed off his moves, there was an expectation that Indiana would not do anything as fancy. There was no edge to the scene with the way the fight was played out. That is why suspense should be included for an edge to the movie.
Next, a good action film should include danger. Danger is an important key. People want to feel unsafe from just being in the theatre. The dager needs to be shown in a way that drags the watcher into the movie. For example, when Indiana was facing Belloq (Paul Freeman), his rival, he was surrounded by natives with poison darts. The danger came from the talking with Belloq because no one could guess if Belloq would tell the natives to shoot. The danger was in the way Indana talked to Belloq, which sucked the watcher into the movie. A bad aspect of danger is when that is not used correctly. One time incudes when Indiana found Marion (Karen Allen) after he thought she was dead. The danger of...


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