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Percent Error

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Percent Error of potassium chromate and lead nitrate

We did this experiment in order to determine the result of reacting potassium chromate with lead nitrate and to calculate the percent error. We first got all the materials that we needed to complete the experiment: 2 beakers, Bunsen burner, filter paper and a scale. After, we measured 0.005 moles of potassium chromate and the same amount of lead nitrate; we used the scale in order to find their weight and then we weighed the filter paper plus the beakers. Later, we added lead nitrate to potassium chromate burning it over Bunsen burner and waited until bright orange bubbles popped out. In addition, we filtered out the water and placed the beaker with the filter paper into the oven. Finally when the beaker was dried we weighed the beaker again and got the finalized result. The beaker was 103.4g and filter paper was 1.67g after we weighed it and the total was 108.56g. We then subtracted the weight of the beaker plus the filter paper and got the product 1.63g. Our expected weight was 1.616g and we got an 0.87% error. Our group were shocked by the result because we thought we were going to have a much higher percent error but we only had 0.87% error, this shows that we have carefully completed our experiment in order to get such a satisfying result and we also double checked our answer, so it’s unlikely we made calculation mistakes.


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