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Nurse Essay

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I wake up getting ready for work. Next thing I know I am in my car and off to the memorial hospital to take care of my patients. As I arrive at the ER nursing center to sign in and collect my daily hospital I.D. I am welcomed by all the other nurses and given my first chart to start the day. My first patient John Smith, 5 ft 6in, dark hair is been diagnosed with a severe case of cervical cranial syndrome.
                          This is where I see myself in five years. When I start school in April, I am going to start with my GED, then move on to my prerequisites then move on to the nursing program. This is the course I have found that brings a lot of success to many people.
                            I myself am going to be successful. so that I can help out my family like they have done so. Many times in my life I have found my self, helpless in situations, and not have had the skills to deal with that situation.   That will change immediately; I want to mostly count on me to deal with any kind of task, or problem that’s thrown my way
                            I plan to start building credit with the bank now, with a small limit credit card. After a couple years of building some forum of credit I then will seek out a small home or maybe a condo to call a place of my own. So the schooling and the home site are two of my biggest goals right at the moment, but I will of course have more that will come along and then they will need the same attention.
                            Something things in life right now and the things in life in 5 years are so far apart there is plenty of time to grow in between


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