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Negativity Breeds Negativity

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We encounter many different types of teachers in our time as students: those that are there because it’s their job, the ones that don’t care because they are not paid enough to care, and those that enjoy and care about their students. We, as students, depend on the teacher to help and guide us through our journey through school. Even though we all have the potential to succeed in school, some of us need a little encouragement from the instructor. When the teacher doesn't care whether the students succeed or fail it breeds an attitude of discouragement in those students. The attitude a teacher has toward his or her students can affect the way those students feel about their work and that class in return.  
    I have had the experience of being in a class where the teacher was indifferent to the students. When I was in 11th grade geometry my teacher was in Egypt and our class was assigned a substitute. The substitute would come into class, take attendance, and pass out worksheets. For the remainder of the period he would sit at his desk and expect the class to complete the worksheets. For the first week we would complete our worksheets and hand them in at the end of the period, but after the first week we realized that it didn't matter to him whether or not we turned the work in. After the second week our class of thirty-two students became fifteen and then it dwindled to eight. At that point I went to my guidance counselor and I was transferred to another geometry class where the teacher had a better attitude and greater interaction with the class. The learning environment was much more positive and the teacher worked with us and encouraged us when we needed it.
Many people become teachers because there is such a shortage in this field. They become teachers for the paid holidays, summers off and full benefits not because they have a passion for teaching. This affects the way they feel towards their job and in turn how they interact with their students. In the...


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