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These Shoes Are Gonna Walk All over You

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Connor wood
Mr. Weiss
Ad Analysis
                                These Shoes Are Gonna Walk All Over You

A women’s confidence and her shoes are not usually thought of as related when being viewed. This shoe advertisement is from the women’s collection by Jimmy Choo was printed in the New York Times Style Magazine for Fall 2007. The image itself is of a lingerie clad attractive female who is wearing a pair of elegant rich leather heals. She is empowered, walking down a busy metropolitan street as if it were a run way. The text at the bottom reads in snake like lettering that a woman’s confidence is her power, a simple straight forward message. The objective audience of this ad appeals to the beautiful and insecure wealthy women. The ad argues that women should declare their power and show their confidence and beauty strapped in to a pair of Jimmy Choo high heals. It suggests that they can feel impervious and beautiful by being powerful, being brave enough to make such a daring proclamation as if to walk through the streets near nude. Women deserves the confidence that often eludes them as a result of advertising similar to the Jimmy Choo ad.
The depiction of the woman in the ad nearly nude, with the a group of the opposite sex staring, symbolizes a women’s independence of the male society. Suggesting that owning a pair of these heals make you look so good that they give you the confidence to not care when being admired and objectified by men knowing that you have control over them. All women should have the opportunity to feel empowered making a statement that having control of males will also make you a point of lust for other women. These heals will signify her independence as a single and strong woman of the big city. The visual of the lingerie argues that women can influence a man and sway them into complying with their own agenda. With the power comes control, which relates with another one of the ads meanings.  
Argued in the ad is...


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