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Varieble Job

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A Viable Job

    Life can be very challenging for a single male living in New York City and trying to
make ends meet. The cost of rent, food and clothing are always a concern. Having only a high
school diploma and a few years working does experience, certainly not put one in a position for
the best paying jobs. Compounding matters is the lack of financial reward, if one does not have
higher education. Ostensibly, it appears difficult to survive under these circumstances; however,
challenging as it appears one has to try. One such option is to find gainful employment that
will satisfy some or all of one’s basic need; a viable job fits this bill perfectly. Working as a
retail sales clerk is a viable occupation for a male with no dependents. Such a job pays living
wage, is fairly available and requires only basic education and qualification.
    A male working full time as a retail sales clerk earns living wage. Earning living wage
simply means she is able to afford her basic needs: housing, food, health care, utilities and
transportation. Surely, this is the reason one works, to be able to provide for oneself. According
to the New York Department of Labor, an experienced retail sales clerk earns $29,900 annually.
This refers to the gross earnings or salary before taxes. Based on this person’s status, single with
no dependents , she earns a net salary of approximately $2,000 monthly. Thirty five percent of
his monthly net earnings is absorbed in rent. This is the going rate that a single man pays for
a one bedroom apartment in the average New York Community. Next on the ladder is food,
which consumes about twenty five percent of his wage. The ever increasing cost of food does
not enable one who earns living wage to eat gourmet style. Most of his grocery is definitely
generic, no brand names. All the other expenses, including transportation, account for another
thirty five percent of his salary. His means of traveling is via public buses...


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