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Band of Brothers
Chapter 1:
Easy Company just wanted to be part of something that was bigger than they were.
Not anybody could make it. You had to be a well trained soilder.
Most men didn’t want to be with men that weren’t well train, that’s why most joing the air born.
Solider where lerning more than to fire a rifle they were teaching the values.
All Major Richard Wintersof the 101st   became comrades because they went trough the hardest of times together, they   were ready to die for one an other.
Easy Company was the sharpest of all

Chapter 2:
Officer Winters had to train his men as if it were the real thing. Major Richard Wintersof Easy company   had to know how to control the chute and fire a rife in combat.
Major Richard Wintersof the 101st airborne felt great after they earned their wings and the self confidence, they be came the elite.
Major Richard Winters and his men worked hard for the title but it could be taken away at any point if they weren’t doing the of their abilities.
Men had to stay sharp at all times.

Chapter 3:
Staff Sergeant Charles E. Grant and his men now were in the combat zone away from home
Officer Winters made his men adapt to where they were living, training got harder to teach them everything they needed to know.
Officer Winter and Caption Lewis made sure easy company new everything about each other.
One Officer could get the whole company killed if he didn’t know what he was doing.
Winters was made a fool off he was   Sent to a lower job.
Soble dosent want anybody in his way, wants to be the top dog.

Chapter 4:
The entire 101st regiment   getting ready for what they were trained for. The Great Battle of Normandy
Some men were scared to go to war, some men went to desperate measures to get out of the war.
Nothing went the way it was ment to, word got out to the Germanys that the was going to be an attack and were waiting for it.
Easy company was dropped and everyone was scattered no one knew where the...


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