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China Us Relations

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Corruption in china
Candidate for the Master of Arts Degree
China-U.S. Relations Program
The University of Hawaii at Hilo
Spring 2010
Graduate Committee:
Dr. John H.L. Cheng
Dr. Enbao Wang
Part 1
finally found someone who can help us to send Yuanyan to the school.” They
were talking about how to get Yuanyan, Fan Xiaoli’s daughter, into a prestigious
junior high school in Guangzhou. When test results were released in mid-July, Yuanyuan did not do well enough to meet the school’s entrance requirements. Xiaoli was as disappointed as her daughter. She then decided, as many Chinese people in the same situation do, to try to find someone who could help. Through a colleague, she got to know a Mr. Yang, who claimed to know “some decision-maker in government” and said he could help get the girl admitted to the school if Xiaoli paid him 70,000 yuan. “I know it is corruption,” Xiaoli said, “but it works and everybody is willing to do it if they can afford the money.” She paid the money and by mid-August, Yuanyuan got an offer from the school.
by the government, and information is largely asymmetric, “ the speculators have little to lose because firms use public funds, and people make promises to deliver
their privilege, leading to an explosion of explicit corruption. This new form of
corruption, resulting from a labyrinth of administrative units and procedures, was part of Deng Xiaoping’s strategy to build support for economic reform among
of a corrupt official going to jail are less than three percent, making corruption a high-return, low-risk activity. Even low-level officials have the opportunity to amass an illicit fortune of tens of millions of yuan.
Part 2
What does corruption really bring to China’s society?
China’s fast economic development seems always that corruption be on its side.
Corruption in China appears to be functional for the...


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