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Love Conquers All

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Michaela Pacalova
                                                                                                                English Composition
Love conquers all

    I‘m absolutely sure that everybody in the world would be happy if she/he loved and was loved with someone. I’m not just talking about love between girlfriends and boyfriends, but also about love between family members and friends. Do you think that love is a feeling or is it something more? I don’t really know, but the only thing I know is that we can’t live without it!
    Since I was little I had the best friend. She grew up in a rich family and she was used to having everything she wanted. She was fine until one event drastically changed her life- her father died.
    It happened last year and I remember exactly the day when her life crashed into pieces. Her personality changed a bit from that time. She became introvert and stopped telling us about her feelings. She suffered a lot- many times I saw her crying or in very depressing mood. It took   a whole year to see her smiling again. Although it passed a lot of time, she is still having problems and even she doesn’t express her sadness, she feels painful. She and her mother often visit a psychotherapist. Despite having money the loss of their loved had damaging effects.
    Today I can celebrate an anniversary with my boyfriend. We have already been together for half a year. I am the happiest person ever because of being with him.
      Before leaving Slovakia I was very afraid of how my relationship would change. I couldn’t really imagine it at all. It was impossible to believe that we would be without each other for such a long time. First couple of weeks were the most difficult in my life.
I felt like an alien here, in fact I was. Actually, it reminded me the time I was excluded from the group of my friends in a primary school. I spent many nights crying to want go home. I missed him so much, but after a while we realized that...


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