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Dating Young Is Danders

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This is to all the parents and guardians out there. Our teens are dating way to early it could lead to danger. The teens might have bad grades they will skip school. Anything can happen, teens might get hurt by their girl friend or boyfriend. The teens will get in to fights and not know what to do in the early teen ages. they will get their hearts hurt and be in depression and for get about life. And think about suicide and start smoking and drinking and who know they can do even worse. The troubled teens will start stealing and beating people.Teens need to learn from their parents and talk to them about relationship. Parents need to tell their children how love works and what age they should start going out and i bet all parents will say at least 18. That would be very good for parents to see and watch what their kids are doing and who they are writing to.And in that way kids will be safe and parents will fallow and help them out in any problems.
What can you do about it? First of all, make sure that your teen is aware of these possibilities that dating young is dangers. Yes, it will be a very hard conversation, but like many conversations you’ll be having with your teen, it is a necessary one. Many teens will not know how to recognize the signs of dating violence. They may feel pressured to have and stay in relationships, especially if they consider it a “serious” one. Peer pressure may make them stay in controlling or even violent relationships, especially when dating someone considered “cool” by their friends.even if you have a teenage son or daughter, you must make them realize that abusive behaviors are not normal. Jealousy, possessiveness, and abuse have no place in relationships at any age. Physical aggression is not necessary from boys, and girls can and should stand up for themselves. Your children must know that there are resources for help. Educating your teenage children can help them avoid dating violence and abuse. So can building your children’s...


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