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The Taker

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Eighteen year old Carly Biels has her life all planned out. She predicts that she will do well on the S.A.T., stay in a long romance with her boyfriend, and get accepted as a legacy at Princeton for college (her dad is alum). Sadly, she underestimated on how hard the S.A.T.s would be. She flopped. Before she could even take her next breath to scream of terror, she got a text message from an unknown stranger. This stranger offered to take the test for Carly, guaranteeing a score within 150 points of perfection. Carly Biels was scared because: One, if she didn’t take up on the stranger’s offer, she would be done for. Two, if she did take up on the stranger’s offer, the guilt of dishonesty would haunt her forever. If she studied, she believed wouldn’t be able to cover all the material in time by herself. After a brief moment of thought, she took on the stranger’s offer and asked who this person was. She found out his name was the Taker, and he had eight rules before taking her test.
  Do not stop studying. (So that no one suspects you cheated.)
      Sign up for a study course at school or privately.
      Do not discuss the Taker with anyone.
      Do not try calling the Taker.
      You can only use the Taker for one test a year.
      You must show up and take the test.
      Once you agree to use the Taker, you cannot change your mind.
      If you violate any of the rules above, the Taker will expose     you as a cheater.
    Carly needed a tutor next. She picked a boy named Ronald Gross (rhymes with floss) to help her. Before she started to study with Ronald, she disliked it strongly, always assuming Ronald was a nerdy weirdo. She was wrong. In the two months they’ve been studying together, Carly has a different perspective of Ronald. He is a caring, unselfish boy that helped her study a lot. The guilt rushed over her quickly. She wishes she never accepted the Taker at all and hopes she can get her own honest grade that Ronald helped her...


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