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Gambling on People

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1) By “taking away the rule book”, Dave Swanson has given most of the control to his employers and has allowed his employers to take control of there own actions to produce the task needed. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Dave Swanson has thus given his employers the Social needs, Self esteem and Self actualisation that they require to be motivated to complete there task and has thus positively affected the motivation of his employers. This also gives the employer a sense of empowerment. Dave Swanson has however as he says made his plan as unstructured as possible meaning that his employees might start to do whatever they want thus wrongly motivating them.

2) As said in Herzberg two fact theory, a hygiene factor is “interpersonal relation” with your supervisor such as having a good communication link between each other. Because this is a Hygiene factor this means that without a good communication link between each other this can create job dissatisfaction which will lead to employees not working hard enough and calling in sick or just not turning up to work. Also as said in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, employees need social needs and this includes communication. With good communication, this can be implied into the business in such things like team work and group projects thus motivating employees to work in teams to produce the best possible output.

3) McGregor was a person who believed in empowerment. This means that he was for the idea of empowering workers not only to manage a task but to be given the power to decide what that task should be. Dave Swanson put these thoughts into action by doing this like emphasising the knowledge of the business into his employees. By doing this, employees will feel empowered in the way that they have been given information about the business they work for. Also Dave Swanson learns new skills helping all his employees and opening communication links all factors which enforce empowerment onto his workers by giving them...


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