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The Power of Fear

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The power of fear is one of the most used strategies threw out history. In The Crucible by Author Miller, portrays the power of fear very strongly threw out the whole play. It seems as if the “government” of the puritans used fear to keep the colony together. This in my opinion fear just causes chaos.
Abigail Williams is one of the main characters in The Cruciblealong with her other friends. During this time period a lot of problems were going on for the puritans, property battles, power struggles, and many more. The religious views were so strong any kind of interference with church or prayer was strongly frowned upon. People would even lose their lives if religious purposes where involved, and that is exactly what Abigail did.
In our society today we still let fear run us and take over. There are many different cases where we have let fear manipulate the way we look at things, live, and ECT. The Patriot Act was established in 2001. This act really limits the amount of privacy we have, a lot of people are actually okay with this! People today are so afraid of other societies they are willing to give up their personal space. The Act increases the ability of law enforcement agencies to search telephone, e-mails, medical, financial, and other records. The puritans are easy to relate to this because they gave up land, their children, their lives to stand up for their personal beliefs, and their fears.
Fear can really manipulate people psychologically affecting your life and your routines. As much as I hate admitting it to myself, but I actually experience fear every single day. I even allow it to affect where I go, what I do, how I live, everything. I have a fear of pain. Everything I do, I am a little… too careful. I really wish I wasn’t because I know I miss out on so much like riding a horse, or getting a tattoo, anything really. I tend to always think of the things that could go wrong and decide against it.


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