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Progression of Words

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The Progression of Words
People often say that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, however I beg to differ.   I think that the correct, and eccentric use of vocabulary is the window to the soul.   As time progresses, less thought and emphasis is placed on the importance of proper use of vocabulary; conversations with my peers are typically mundane, and thoughtless.   Having a vast vocabulary is impressionable at best, and acquiring one seems to be a lost art.
Through the use of the Internet, e-mail, instant messages, and text messages, people have conformed to short and abbreviated communication.   No longer are there [many] conversations held over the phone, but through text messages we respond to each other using shorthand vocabulary such as “ur”, as opposed to “your”; and “you’re” might as well be foreign language.   Through reading e-mails and instant and text messages, everything is abbreviated, and written in short hand.   We live in a fast paced world, and using vocabulary is a thing of the past.  
Nicknames, and stereotypes to describe a group of people has aided in the lack of vocabulary.   No longer do we describe people or things based upon who or what they actually are, but my categorizing them into a group in which they fit.   Curse words have become common language, because to the user, it seems impossible to match a better word.
Emphasis on vocabulary, and the expansion of ones personal “bank” should be held in higher regard.   Communication is the key to our existence, and if we start avoiding the use of it now, where will we be in 10 years, 50 years, centuries from now?


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