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1917 Russian Rveolution

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Hassen Naas
History Essay
What do you think were the main reasons why the revolution was successful?

In 1917, a February revolution broke out in Russia that had caused the Tsar Nicholas the 2nd to be the last Romanov to rule over Russia after 300 years. Food shortages, economic crisis, Russia was loosing World War 1, morale broken down and loss in faith in the tsar and his government. All these strikes broke out in order to bring down the tsarist government and the autocracy. The revolution was successful since on the 2nd of March 1917 the tsar did abdicate and a new democratic dual government formed. Russia went from being an Autocracy to being one of the most democratic countries in Europe.

In 1914, after the order of general mobilization made by the Tsar Nicholas the Second, Germany declared war on Russia on August 1st. Russia started having faith in the Tsar again, the war enhanced his popularity and his status and it weakened the anti-war Bolsheviks that were seeking a revolution. Even though the civilians and the soldiers among the army had a very high morale at the start it was damaged by the lengthening casualty lists at the front and the declining supplies at home. Total war created major problems for Russia.   After the fateful decision Nicholas the 2nd took to become Commander-in-Chief made the survival of Tsardom dependant on military success. The army did fight well but was poorly organized and with lack of supplies made it weak. The whole transport system broke down under stress of war. The two major problems though that caused the people to react was the economic crisis, there was inflation. The value of the currency declined which created instability and high prices. There were shortages of food supplies since there was transport disruption. The urban areas suffered a lot. All these events caused an uprising against the Tsar. The most significant opposition comes from those who had been the tsar’s supporters in 1914. The Tsar refused to...


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