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Who Are the Neanderthals

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The most acknowledged late archaic humans were the Neanderthals. The Neanderthals were hominids (erect primates) who lived during the Middle Paleolithic Age (also called the Mesolithic Period), at about 125,000 to 33,000 B.C. Some scientists now consider Neanderthals the ancestors of humans. The first discovery of Neanderthal bones was during the late 1820’s in Western Europe. Subsequently, other better documented Neanderthals were found and stored in museums without being recognized as early forms of humans. More Neanderthal skeletons have been found than any other ancient human species. The first discovery of Neanderthal bones may have been during the late 1820's in Western Europe.

The first extinct human relatives have become known to science, the Neanderthals have assumed an almost iconic significance that has, of course, been greatly enhanced by the very substantial fossil and behavioral record. As members of a distinct species, of a completely individuated historical entity, the Neanderthals demand that we analyze and understand them on their own terms. In contrast, if we see them as mere sub specific variants of ourselves, we are almost obliged to dismiss the Neanderthals as little more than an evolutionary epiphenomenon; a minor and ephemeral appendage to the history of Homo sapiens. The Neanderthals were highly successful over a large region for a substantial period of time, but this situation changed dramatically with the arrival in Europe of the first modern humans (Homo sapiens). Scientists note that Neanderthals and modern human presumably were more alike than different, not a separate species or even sub species, but two groups who viewed each other as appropriate mates. Neanderthals and modern humans shared an ancient ancestor who lived about 660,000 years ago.

Research has proved to an extent that the Neanderthals are linked to modern human, through some characteristics, provided the growth of modern Human population and the decline and...


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