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What part of my life was a major struggle for me?

Throughout life everyone faces struggles, Struggles that people overcome and struggles that people don’t; but in all every person has had a struggle. School was the struggle in my life. In fact, I didn’t start having complications with school until I started attending middle school. Being in middle school was a new experience I had been anticipating to be exposed to. Impressing my friends and having fun were the only relevant things to me. At the beginning of my sixth grade year, my academic performance was good despite my unacceptable behavior. That year I was defiant and badly behaved during classroom hours, but I managed to keep my work done. Towards the end of the year, everything went downhill. My grades dropped, and my behavior became worse.
Summer was over, I began the next school year not knowing if I had passed or failed the sixth grade. I was scared due to the thought of all my friends being in the seventh grade while I was repeating the sixth grade. The first day of school, I made a visit to the main office and picked up a copy of my schedule. Luckily, I had been promoted to the seventh grade. I was incredibly thankful for the good news I received that morning. Being in that predicament was a wakeup call, so I was determined to improve my grades.
I began eighth grade with progression compared to my previous years. My grades were back up to par; it didn’t take for someone to straighten me up. I had to experience the situation in order to know I didn’t want to feel that way again. Middle school was over; I was looking forward to the fun and excitement of high school. I envisioned myself going back to old ways, however, I refused to act the way I did in middle school.
Starting high school, I understood the classes were more challenging and I had to work extremely hard. As a freshman, my grades were average and pretty good compared to other students around me. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I...


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