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Factors Affecting Voltage

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Designing an experiment to investigate factors affecting the voltage of an electrochemical cell
Michelle.cho mee ji
Background information
Standard electrode potentials of half-cells are often called standard reduction potentials. Equilibrium half-reactions are thus written with reduction as the forward reaction. The two electrodes reacting in this experiment are copper electrode and silver electrode. The copper electrode is the positive electrode with respect to the Standard Hydrogen Electrode (S.H.E)
Cu2+aq+2e-⇋Cus ECu2+/Cuθ=+0.34V
The silver electrode is the positive electrode with respect to the S.H.E
Zns⇋Zn2+aq+2e- EAg+/Agθ=+0.8V
Thus adding the two half-equations gives the overall cell reaction.
Aim of the experiment
If the concentration of the silver ions increases while the concentration of copper ions is fixed, the voltage of the electrochemical cell whose electrodes are silver and copper will increase as well.
Independent variable
Concentration of the copper ions
Dependent variable
Voltage of the electrochemical cell
Controlled variable
Temperature of the solutions
Distance between the electrodes
Size of the electrodes
5 pieces of 0.25cm×0.5cm metals : Cu and Ag
1.0moldm-3 Solution: CuNO32
Steel wool
Small pieces of filter paper to serve as the salt bridge
12-well spot plates
Alligator clips and wires
  Before start the experiment, using a thermometer, measure     the temperature of the room and make sure that is fixed as 24℃     throughout the experiment.
            Start to set up electrochemical cell of 1.0moldm-3 of CuNO32     of and 2.0moldm-3 of AgNO3.
      Obtain small strips of filter paper, to be used as salt bridges.
      Soak each strip with 1.0 moldm-3 of KNO3. Make sure the strip     is entirely...


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