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Describe the Room Your in

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Describe the room you are in

Dark, empty and cool; I gaze ahead at the room before me, with only the sound of the air conditioner thrumming. Surprisingly the first thing to catch my eye is the plastic chairs stacked along the wall, a dull blue, but all perfectly stacked in fours, it was always that way. A long strip of scarlet carpet ran down the edge of the east wall, I could tell the strong smell of shampoo was being blown from it once stepping closer, this was unfamiliar to me. I could tell it was soft without touching with my hands, as it felt bouncy in my Pointe shoes, and I sink into it as I gently step towards the light ahead. Once my eyes adjust to the light, I look around, amazed. The ballet studio had not changed one bit from all those years ago. The way sunlight from the window hit the mirrors was dazzling. The once dark and musty corners of the room were awoken by the bright light, with the dust swirling in the shafts of sunlight. I balançoire across the room, appreciating every step I take on the beautiful wooden flooring. Everything from the colour of the ceiling to the sign on the door remained the same; everything but the smell. I remembered in my mind the sweet scent of jasmine, as I danced around the room with my friends; why had the smell gone, when everything else remains the same? I now smelt what I could only describe as dust, and I wondered how long the studio had been abandoned for, how long I had actually been gone.

I carry on wandering around the room, taking in every detail, comparing it to the memories I held in my head. I stare at the glorious chandelier, how many years that had stayed the glistening crystal blue colour, not faded at all. But as the wind from the door made it sway ever so slightly, I felt a shiver up my spine and to my shoulders. I felt alone in this beautiful room, once filled with joyous children dancing, and I remembered how I had once I dreamed of dancing in this very room ‘til I was old and grey, could that...


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