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The various regions of Louisiana are different from each other. South Louisiana is very different from North Louisiana. Lafayette is different from New Orleans, Shreveport is different from Baton Rouge. based on their "folk culture" Louisiana   is basically divided into three different regions, These regions are New Orleans, South Louisiana, and Northern Louisiana. There are many differences between these three regions. These differences are based on their geographies, immigrant histories, religions, and cultures. In fact, we can trace many of these differences to the variety of immigrant groups that settled in the three regions. Native Americans were already in Louisiana when the French came. Also came groups of Irish, Germans, Italians, Filipinos, Latinos and East Asians. Each group has added to the state's culture and influenced it. But it takes more than just knowing the types of immigrants that have settled in Louisiana over the years. In order to truly understand a region's cultural , you must investigate the history of the people behind these traditions. In other words, to truly understand a basket, dance, or story made by someone, you should know about the culture of the person who made it.
      Now to start with the first of the three regions New Orleans. New Orleans is an urban region, it has a culture that is like no other in the world. It began with the Native Americans who first settled in the area. Once Europeans arrived, New Orleans was governed by the French, Spanish, and Americans at different times. Today, New Orleans is home to these and people of African heritage who speak French and English. New Orleans also has Italians, Germans, Irish, Latin, Greeks, Haitians, Filipinos, and Asians. Because of these different immigrant groups New Orleans has many religions, primarily Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish. Each of the many cultural groups has left its mark though. New Orleans is labeled as a Cajun, but it is not. Many Cajuns did move to New...


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