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Divisions in Society

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While there are many inequalities in contemporary UK society, this essay will look at how the government explains these inequalities. In addition, this essay will focus on poverty inequalities; it will look at the explanations that researchers used to explain poverty.

Poverty has been IDENTIFY A RANGE OF EXPLANATIONS BY WHICH said to have behavioural explanations (where the individual is said to be poor because they have made themselves that way) and structural explanations (where there are structures that cause people to be poor). Poverty has many definitions which include absolute definition this is when people can not meet biological basic needs which are food, shelter and clothing. Also relative definition which argues people become poor because they lack resources to obtain the standard of life   that is widely encouraged or accepted in their community.

In UK today, there are many people living in poverty, people who cannot afford basic commodities for example, people who cannot afford to pay for shelter hence they go homeless. However, there are many explanations of poverty and they include behavioural explanations and structural explanations. This essay will however focus on structural explanations, which argue that poverty is created by the government, the structures that people cannot change. Kane et. Al (2003).

Field (1997) argued that people who are affected by poverty tend to be those from working class, especially those who left school with no qualifications or with fewer qualifications. He also argued that these people are most likely to take any employment because they have less chances of getting highly paying jobs and these jobs will give them less money to support their families hence they become poor. Kane et. al (2003).

Furthermore, because of disoriented families in communities, people tend to be deprived of certain things hence...


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