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Huck Fin

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a great story.   All through the story Huck constantly had a companion.   Huck had a very well-built social conscience when it came to Jim.   In addition, Huck was able to learn ethical values that would allow him to be victorious.   After reading the story I feel I am most similar to Huck Finn.
      All through the story Huck was always with Jim.   Huck and Jim met on Jackson’s island after Widow Douglas took Huck in.   Jim was Widow Douglas’s slave.   From this point on Huck and Jim became companions.   They floated down the Mississippi River together on their raft and were inseparable for the entire story.   Given this example it is much like my twin brother and I Aaron.   We are together all the time playing sports, running through the woods, playing video games, problem solving and playing in the creek.
      Huck had a strong social conscience, his heart and personal honesty helped him execute what it was he thought was right.   During the time period of this story African-Americans were seen as inferior and possessions.   Jim was seen as another species.   I have noticed in today’s society this can still be seen by many.   I am much like Huck when it comes to this scenario.   I am the type of person that feels regardless of the color of one’s skin we are all the same on the inside.
      My parents have done a good job teaching me the ethical values in life needed to succeed.   As I go through school I have learned the proper values in order to be successful.   This is what Huck learned throughout his journey down the river.   His journey permitted him to gain a new approach on life, and the different effects that diverse values have on people.   In this novel Huck was able to build up a sense of ethics that can not be taught but only learned through actual experience.
      I have given examples in this paper that explain in detail how I am much like Huck Finn.   Huck and I both have ethical values that we live by each day.   Huck was...


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