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´╗┐Immigration as defined by the dicitonary is moving into a place, especially moving to a country of which you are not a native in order to settle there. A sentence to use the word would be, "The increased immigration strengthened the nation".
Inferring from the above statement, you can see that it is what clearly has happened to the United States. Right from the pre-existent Native Americans to today, due to the history of immigration in the United States of America it has earned its title "A Nation of Immigrants".
Before the 1890's, most immigrants arrived from Northern and Western Europe. Immigrants usually migrated for the hopes of attaining what is known as the "American Dream", which pre-1980 meant
-   To start a new life
- To make a profit of daily activities
Though this migration came with the various questions and difficulties required to overcome in order to be successful. Like
-finding a job
- finding a residence
- obtaining daily vitals, like food and water
and - getting used to the new region's social, politcal and economic conditions.

Even though America was an open gate in terms of immigration for those that were looking for a   positive change in their life, problems in various nations accelarated immigration after 1890. America saw an increase of immigration from South and Eastern Europe, Asia and even Mexico. New issues that began to rise to surface in other nations and continents, some of which are
- escape from religious prosecution
- Jews being pushed out of Russia
- jobs in the United States being offered to unskilled workers
- rising population in other nations, which increased overall competition from all perspectives such as jobs, housing and food.
- gold rush in the united states
- independent lives looking for a refresh on their homepage
and - escape from political turmoil
can be held cultprit for this rate of increase in immigration.

As Immigration soared so did the requirement of safety and security of the natives....


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