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Imperialism is the attempt to create an empire directly or through economic or political power. The country that did this was the United States. The way the United States achieved their goal of Imperialism was through Darwinism. The United States wanted to prove its strength, politically, economically and religiously. To do this they thought it was their duty to civilize other countries that were less fortunate.
The Spanish American War was the war that distinguished the entry of the United States on the world scene as a colonial power. The Spanish American War started when the Cubans were fighting for their independence from Spain. The United States came into this war because they didn’t like how Butcher Weyler was treating the people in Cuba, also because they saw an opportunity to become more powerful. Butcher Weyler was the Spanish Leader. He had concentration camps also took prisoners of war and put them through poor treatment. During the Spanish American War, the United States sent out a war ship called the Maine. The Maine was attacked in February 15, 1898. This attack killed 266 of 354 American crewmembers. The Newspapers falsely reported that a mine cause the explosion. This made the United Stated furious. Everyone in America would say, “Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain”.
A group called the Rough Riders was lead by T.R. This group was a military force. Most of this group, about 250,000 troops, never left the United States. A battle that the Rough Riders fought was the Charge of San Juan. T.R. charged up San Juan Hill and the defenders Fled, which led to them eventually surrendering. This charge is referred as “The Splendid little War”. Another group that helped Cuba get its independence was the Navy. The Navy had 25,000 men in it. The leader of the Navy during an important battle was Dewey. Dewey led the navy to Manila Bay in 1889. There the navy defeated the Spanish Fleet. This defeat meant that the United States had the region control. The...


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