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Lifeguard Subculture

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Sociology LIFEGUARDS   Ryan Johnson
I have chosen what is probably a very small subculture that is kind of a stretch within our society but nonetheless I think it is a group with an important role and used all over and in communities everywhere. The world of Lifeguarding. I'd say this group can fall into the category of a subculture, though most people wouldn't think of it that way, but it does because for one they are obviously used in the overall culture of society for necessary reasons and to keep things safe. This group of individuals work with and include special values and signals/terms of there own to function as well as certain responsibilities and skills.
The duties of a lifeguard include overseeing the safety of users or patrons of a certain body of water and it's environment. These places might consist of a beach, a water park, or a swimming pool. Lifeguards, supporting the norms of the association or program they are under, are to be qualified strong swimmers, certified and trained in water rescue, using a variety of equipment and aids depending on the requirements of the particular venue (beach, swimming pool, etc.). They are also expected to be capable of first aid and in some communities cleaning duties and maintenance of the facilities. The guards are to wear something bright and noticeable with clear markings to ensure that you can tell who they are and distinguish them from other people. Somewhere on their attire must be the label 'Lifeguard' and/or a red or white cross shown, the symbol of aid. Lifeguards are also obligated to carry or have available a safety flotation tube as a vital part of their equipment along with a variety of others at the ready such as a backboard, an AED, a whistle, first aid kit, oxygen, a breathing barrier, and gloves. This is the standard main equipment needed by lifeguards. Now that there's a good sense at what the norms of a the common lifeguard is let's look at the core values they are under. There is no doubt...


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