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Hitler’s Rise to Power 1919-1933

In this assignment I need to explain the impact that each event in the rise to power of Aldolf Hitler, in the period of 1919 to 1933. Hitler’s rise to power was quite significant in way that he dominated everyone and everything that he came across’ but not all of the events went in Hitler’s favour; which he managed to work around.
In September 1919 Hitler was ordered by the German army to investigate a small group known as the German Workers Party. Dressed as a civilian he went to a meeting which was held in the Munich Beer Hall; where he listened to a speech by Gottfried Feder on “how and by what means is capitalism to be eliminated”. As Hitler was leaving, a man stood up and spoke about how he wanted the state of Bavaria to break away and make a south Germany, this enraged Hitler. Hitler began to speak forcefully for the next fifteen minutes, uninterrupted. Hitler received a pamphlet on the way out, which reflected Hitler’s political views. In a matter of days Hitler joined the German Workers Party and became a committee member thus entering politics.
Hitler realised that in order for the movement of the German Workers Party to be recognisable they needed a symbol. The symbol that Hitler created for the party was the Swastika. It was a symbol that Hitler had grown up with in Austria; it was even seen around Germany by the Freikorp, but when Hitler placed it in a red background it imposed power. Hitler changed the name of the German Workers Party to include National Socialists. The full name was the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) or Nazi for short.
In July 1921 Hitler travelled to Berlin to visit other nationalist groups, but in Hitler’s absence the other committee members joined an alliance with a group of socialists form Augsburg. Upon Hitler’s return he announced his resignation from the Nazi Party which would effectively mean the end to the National Socialist German Workers Party....


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